Daily Lunch Menu

“Julie”nne Salad


Hand cut mixed greens, Boar’s Head ham, turkey & Swiss, garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onions & a hard-boiled egg

B.L. Tomato


served on toasted Italian (Make it a Tom’s Club add peppered turkey $11.95)

California Turkey Club


turkey, bacon, smoked cheddar, organic spinach, avocado, roasted tomato & sun-dried tomato mayo on toasted multi-grain

Cornwell’s Beef


Local roast beef, Asiago, mustard horseradish sauce, roasted red pepper& onion grilled on multi-grain

Drew’s Delight


hummus, roasted red pepper, marinated artichoke hearts & organic spinach grilled on pepper parmesan bread

Ghost of Grain Train


scallion cream cheese, organic spinach, tomato, cucumber, mushroom & purple onion in a spinach wrap

Gotta Try This


roasted turkey breast with avocado, sprouts & sun-dried tomato mayo on pepper parmesan bread

Grilled Ham & Brie


maple cured ham with imported French brie, cranberry & romaine on roasted seed bread

Hamill’s Ham


Maple cured ham, Michigan smoked gouda, organic spinach, roasted onion & imported honeycup mustard grilled on roasted seed

How Sweet it is


Roasted turkey breast with cranberry sauce, cream cheese & romaine lettuce on multi-grain